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The “Journey To The Black City” starts today

book cover, Journey To The Black CityPEORIA, AZ, OCTOBER 11, 2016: Can heroes Kel and Lyria overcome dystopian societal tyrants amid challenges in a post-apocalypic world? Local author Keith R. Mueller captures this adventure in his new novel, Journey To The Black City.

The ancient cataclysm that devastated this world happened over two thousand years ago. Since then, two sets of survivors arose: one created a few vast city-states, taking residence in the megalopolises of once-great sky-touching cities of men; the other banded together into the Free Tribes, living in the lands between these megalopolises. The city-states are dominated by flying zeppelins and steam-powered inventions, ruled by power-hungry dystopian leaders who enslave women and children to increase their wealth and position. Two young people journey from their tribes to this basalt city, and their lives are changed forever.

“Imagine this: You’re in a crowded amphitheater getting ready to watch the next jousting match. But, you notice, the contestants aren’t jousting on horses – they’re jousting on steam-powered motorcycles!— Keith R. Mueller

Keith’s new book can be ordered by visiting or This book is available in both hardback and e-book versions and has an audio version coming soon. This book was published in conjunction with Waldorf Publishing. For more information about Keith or his new book, please visit his website at To order a copy for review, please contact Barbara Terry by email at, or visit the publisher’s website at

About Keith R. Mueller: Keith Mueller was born in Tucson, Arizona and is a graduate of the U of A with degrees in art and art education. He served six years in the US Air Force as a firearms instructor and competitive shooter on the Air Force pistol team at Lackland AFB, and later as an instructor at the Air Force Academy. He has had an interest in metaphysical studies, shamanism, ancient cultures, and religions since the late 1960’s, personally practicing some of these disciplines. Though he’s had an interest in writing for many years, retirement has allowed this interest to finally manifest in this fantasy-scifi novel, “Journey To The Black City”. Keith currently resides in Peoria, AZ.

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