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Review Keith’s Books


Review Keith’s book! His latest book, a YA fantasy titled, “The Devil’s Rifle”, was published  in February 2018. Keith has been to several local book signings since and has a lot of fun sharing snippets of his thoughts on his Facebook page! Sign up for his newsletter and keep up with Keith’s signings, events, and three more books coming very soon!

“Welcome to the small town of Hobbs, Arizona.  During the town’s lumbering heyday, children and teenagers occasionally vanished, never to be seen again. A mystery never completely solved — much like the mysterious explosion at the sawmill that almost burned the entire town to the ground! There also remains this unanswered question: How did the tall smoke-stack, the only structure left standing at the sawmill after that massive explosion, get its name, The Devil’s Rifle?”

Keith has three more books in the final editing stages: “The Shadow Pigeon”, “The Beast”, and “The Beekeeper”. He is currently exploring options of asking a publisher to print these titles versus self-publishing and not keeping his fans waiting.  Stay tuned for updates!

Keith works hard to write stories he feels will captivate his audience. Like so many authors, he wants his books to be read, but, he also wants to know what fans think of his writing. Your reviews mean a lot to him. Please click on one (or all) of the links below to leave your comments. Thank you for reading and your support!

Keith’s Goodreads author page

Keith’s Amazon author page
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