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Kel’s Grandfather: Tribal Shaman

tribes symbolsI believe I’ve mentioned several times that the reason Kel couldn’t finish his training to become a full tribal shaman—or marry the love of his life, the warrior woman Lyria was because his grandfather, who was his spiritual teacher, had been kidnapped and taken by a marauding zeppelin to the Black City. The kidnapping happens in the first novel “Journey To The Black City”. What we haven’t yet talked about is that training, and what’s still missing. The biggest problem Kel is facing is that his final test is something his grandfather, Garn, called ‘Shadow Walk.’ Now obviously, Kel has met with other shaman as a student of Garn, and he also knows they all had to take this test—this ‘Shadow Walk.’ However, for each man or woman in training, the test differs, and each of the tested is sworn to secrecy. Nothing of the meaning or content of this test could be revealed. So, without his grandfather, Kel cannot complete his training…and no other shaman can help him with it either. For Kel it’s very frustrating. He wants desperately to marry Lyria, but that cannot happen by tribal code, until his training is complete.

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