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More About Adria

AdriaAdria. We’ve been discussing this woman. Disorganized serial killer—what my characters in my Steampunk/Fantasy novel “Journey To The Black City” from my new “After: Earth” series call a ‘repeat killer’, leaves her tribe, after committing several murders. She stows away aboard a zeppelin run by the Cathedral. In the Black City, she is addicted to heroin, and ‘educated’ by the priesthood to be one a prostitute. But Adria is not a person to be controlled. Soon she’s on her own, stalking and murdering for dark reasons that only make sense to her. Lyria described her in this manner, “Adria was as powerless to stop what was happening inside of her as a mountain is powerless to stop an avalanche. The black priests—they were in control of themselves and have always been so. So now tell me, who would question my mourning of this beautiful, lost child? Was it Adria or the priesthood that was truly the monster in this tale of horror?” Ah—and there it is again…perspective.

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