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More About Dan

gentleman hat background_01_vector[1]A short time ago, I mentioned one of my characters in my six novel Steampunk/Fantasy series beginning with “Journey To The Black City”. The character in question is Dan Hendricks. If you recall, he’s a character who just sort of dropped in to say, “Hi” and then moved in—top hat, watch, and chain and all! So here’s a bit more about Dan. He was born in the Black City of the West, the city-state of Los Angeles. He was an illegitimate child, and abandoned as a baby in an orphanage. Eventually, he begins roaming the streets with other homeless boys, learning various criminal skills—the kind of boy Dickens or Conan Doyle would have called a ‘street urchin.’ He runs away from the orphanage, learns how to pick locks, rob homes, and in general grows into something of a self-centered hoodlum. Among others of his kind, he develops a very high reputation for his skill and daring due to his willingness to do what others fear to do. Dan, the apparently useless and unloved abandoned child that no one really cared about or even wanted…actually matters!

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