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Meet Keith

Keith Mueller was born in Tucson, Arizona and is a graduate of the University of Arizona with degrees in art and art education. Keith served six years in the United States Air Force as a firearms instructor and competitive shooter at Lackland AFB, and later as an instructor at the Air Force Academy. He has had interests in metaphysical studies, shamanism, ancient cultures, and religions since the late 1960’s, personally practicing some of these disciplines. Although Keith had an interest in writing for many years, retirement has allowed his interest to finally manifest in his new book: “The Devil’s Rifle”.

Keith became interested in what is now called the ‘steampunk’ genre’ from two diverse sources. One was from images he would see in his mind’s eye when he would meditate using the music of The Doors way back in the 1980s. Keith then saw a 2007 film called Perfect Creature. One scene caught his attention specifically, in which police officers were moving down a hallway; the lead woman detective was carrying a Type 14 Nambu (World War Two Japanese sidearm) while the police behind her were wearing World War One style German helmets. Keith’s first thought when he saw that scene was, “How cool is that!” So, he would have to say that The Doors music and the film Perfect Creature are to blame for both the influence and his love of science fiction and steampunk lore.

“The Devil’s Rifle”, by Keith R. Mueller