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The Beekeeper

Close-up photo of a bee. Photo courtesy of

At the cusp of the turn of the century in this steam-powered world is an over-abundance of fortune-tellers and psychics, ready to spew forth answers for a few coins. There is a share of frauds; as a result, for those willing to search for answers, there is always one person who shines above the rest. Who is willing to pay the price to learn the answers to their questions? Are you?

Alun Buckner is an ordinary, handsome young man by most accounts. He has piercing blue eyes and a crop of red hair that turns the ladies’ heads. More importantly, he is also Alun the Amazing, an extraordinary fortune teller and psychic, reading the fortunes of the desperate. His expressionless eyes mask the hurt and anger felt over the years. He wants so much more than this life for both he and his sister, but he hasn’t figured out how to make his own mark in the world just yet. Today, all this changes. Today, he will be paid a visit by a middle-aged wealthy man seeking to know the answers to his questions.

Is he willing to pay the price to discover the truth?

Thayer Knight III is a middle-aged man of extraordinary wealth, thanks to his brilliant engine design. He is being haunted by the ghostly shadows of a dead woman – he sees her everywhere, as though she were still part of him, still connected to him, trying to make contact with him. Today he will pay a visit to an extraordinary young psychic and ask him questions about the woman.Why does she haunt me? Can anyone else see her? What does she want from me?

Is he willing to pay the price to learn his answers?

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