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Continuing With Dan

gentleman hat background_01_vector[1]Since adulthood comes soon in this kind of society; he has a chance encounter with a man known only as ‘the magician.’ I’ll say more about him later. This is one of those encounters that some call fate, and that the more cynical among us call ‘mere coincidence.’ In any event, Dan learns that the magician, so-called because he works a stage show in a seedy tavern called The Green Hyena, is actually a member of a loosely knit organization that calls itself ‘The Resistance.’ The members of this secret society are working actively to undermine the power and influence of the Bishop and his dark priesthood of the Cathedral. Suddenly Dan finds that all of his finely honed criminal skills can now be used as a force for good. He learns that there are more important things in life than just his own immediate gratification. Women and girls are being kidnapped and forced into narcotics driven bondage, and he has the skills to do something about it. I like this character because I believe that people can change, if they really want to.

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