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Seeking The Magician

magic crystal ballWe first meet this mysterious character in the first book of my six-part series: “Journey To The Black City”. He’s another one of those characters I had to get to know as the story progressed. In the beginning, I wasn’t at all sure if he would be a continuing character, or not. But then, that’s happened before, so I try to keep an open mind. He’s plying his trade in a seedy tavern in a rather disreputable part of town. Our first direct contact with him comes when Kel and Lyria are required to speak to him to hopefully find information about where in the gigantic city-state of Los Angeles they should seek Kel’s grandfather and the other zeppelin-kidnapped tribal shamans. As I mentioned, the neighborhood isn’t the best, and even before Kel can venture inside, he’s accosted by several prostitutes whom Lyria sends packing. Since Kel is disguised at the time as a priest of the Cathedral, Lyria must behave as though she’s a meek subservient woman. Needless to say, shoving prostitutes around doesn’t fit that picture. Fortunately for them, they’re able to complete their mission, and leave before any problem might develop. Problems are unlikely, because Kel appears to be a priest. But that isn’t always the case—as you’ll see when you read that part of the novel.

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