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The Journey To Find The Lost Shamans

Fire and Water ringKel now realizes that he must travel to the mysterious Black City of the West to find Garn. Lyria makes it known that he’s not going anywhere without her. And so they begin their long journey toward the mysterious and sinister Black City, and toward their destiny. The path is long and through territory completely unknown to them. But help is available. The tribe’s blacksmith, a man I’ve mentioned previously, named Llo, happens to have a map he’d made many years before as he himself had made that journey west. Their path is through wild territory, flat grasslands, and then a vast mountain range. It is along this path they meet Dan Hendricks, who is now living the tribal life, having fled the Black City several years previously. A guide from out of the blue, a man familiar with the road west, and more importantly, a man who knows the ways of the city. As they travel, he tells Lyria and Kel about how the people of the city-state of Los Angeles live, dress, and behave. All of this is vital information Kel and Lyria had needed desperately.

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