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More About The Magician

magic crystal ballAnd the Magician himself is just that—an accomplished stage magician with an interesting twist. He mesmerizes his patrons. That would be the drunken men hanging out in the Green Hyena, and can somehow make them see whatever he wants them to see. He literally shows them their mythical account of creation, with the spiraling and dancing Divine celestial dragons that created all the stars and the world.

But Kel, though not yet a full-fledged shaman, discovers the reason those watching the Magician’s presentations see what the man wants them to see—a psychoactive herbal mixture has been put into their drinks without their knowledge. Kel smiles. He’s familiar with the drug, of course, and its uses in healing ceremonies. But why would a Magician know of such things? Why indeed. I told you the Magician was a mysterious character!

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